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Designing your participatory program comes with challenges, but we have you covered! On this page, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about getting support, navigating and using the Playbook, reporting feedback and bugs, and more. Plus, you can watch tutorial videos to guide you through the Playbook. To navigate to different sections, click on the pink headings in the content menu.

Getting support to design your program

Get comprehensive capacity-building support

We know designing a participation program comes with challenges! While the Playbook is an excellent resource for planning and implementing a process, sometimes it can be helpful to talk to another human who can help answer your questions. 

We provide capacity-building support to governments and organizations through our accelerator programs. We match each participant with an expert mentor, deliver action-oriented training and resources, and coordinate peer-learning opportunities, to develop an action plan for their programs using the Playbook.

Outside of the accelerators, our People Powered mentors can meet with you to complete each step of the Playbook, keep you on track in your journey to implementation, and help you make informed decisions. Find out more about our mentorship program and how to apply.

Get online training

People Powered delivers online training and seminars designed to address common practical challenges faced by participatory democracy advocates, policymakers, and policy implementers. Check out our courses.

Navigating the Playbook

Q: How do I get started with the Playbook?

To begin, simply create an account on the Playbook website by clicking on the “Sign Up” button at the top right of the page. From there, input your email address and click “Create new account.” A login link will be sent to your email address, which you can use to get into your account.

Q: My login link is expired, but I haven't used it yet. What should I do?

Sometimes, institutional or work email services may automatically open links to scan for security checks. This could activate your one-time login link, causing it to appear as "expired.” To avoid this, try signing up with a personal email address instead.

Q: What if I don’t know what kind of process I want to design?

That's okay! The Playbook is designed to help you identify the participation solution that fits your local context. If you start your Playbook from the needs assessment, when choosing the type of participatory program, you can select “I’m not sure — help me choose!,” and the Playbook will suggest the program best suited to your needs.

Q: Can I design a participatory program to address climate or digital democracy issues with the Playbook?

Absolutely! You can find specific guidance for addressing climate change related issues within our Climate Democracy and Digital Democracy policy spotlight pages or by selecting 'Climate change' or ‘Digital democracy’ as your target issue when starting your playbook.

Q: Who developed the content for the Playbook?

The Playbook was a joint collaborative effort coordinated by People Powered with a global team of experts who developed, reviewed and edited the content, and who continue to manage ongoing development. To find out more, please visit our “About” page.

Understanding and using the Playbook

Q: I’m not sure about an answer to a required question or want to change my answer. What should I do?

The Playbook allows you to save your progress and return to edit your answers later. You can find your saved playbook(s) on your dashboard.

Q: Is there a way I can see all the questions in the Playbook before I answer them?

Once you have started the Playbook for your selected participatory process, you can preview all the questionnaires under each section. This can give you a sense of the information you will need to complete your action plan.

Q: Can I start and manage multiple playbooks at the same time?

Yes, feel free to complete as many playbooks as you’d like! You can access, edit and download all your playbooks from your dashboard.

Q: Can I see an example of a completed playbook?

We’ve prepared a sample playbook to help users understand the process and get an idea of what their end results could look like. You can find it here.

Q: How do I download my playbook?

After completing all sections, you will be directed to a summary page. Here, you can download your initial assessment results and also edit your answers. Once you're satisfied, click the “Download Playbook” button to automatically download your results.

Q: How can I edit/view my playbook after downloading it?

You can revisit your playbook results from your dashboard at any time, and make edits or download the playbook again as needed.

Q: Can I share my playbook with my colleagues?

Yes! To add collaborators to your playbook, navigate via your dashboard to the playbook you wish to share, and click on the “Collaborators” button. From there, you can add as many email addresses as you would like. However, please note that collaborators will have “read-only” access to your playbook and will not be able to edit it.

Resources and data sharing

Q: Where can I find more guides and resources to help me plan my program?

For the best tools, guides and materials to support the planning, organization and implementation of your program, we invite you to visit the online resource center on the People Powered website. There you can find the resources that are most relevant to your context and needs, by using the filter buttons to view resources by type, language, country, stage of process or institution.

Q: How does People Powered use my data?

People Powered is committed to protecting your personal information. For more information about how we collect and use your data, please refer to our Privacy Terms. We do not share your information with any third parties for marketing purposes, and any information, names or otherwise, that you input into the Playbook is purely for planning purposes and will not be shared.

Feedback and bug reporting

Q: I’ve noticed a bug or issue when using the Playbook. What should I do?

We appreciate your patience — we’re continuously working to improve the user experience of the Playbook, and we’re committed to resolving these problems to improve your experience. Please report any issues to us at, or use the feedback form below.

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